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Default Re: Nick Diaz wants Anderson Silva

Is this an accurate ****syis of a Silva-Diaz fight?

Some guy on Sherdog said this...

Originally Posted by spider ninja View Post
It's funny people saying Diaz has no chance, in a fight it can be anyone's night you'll either win or lose nobody gets murdered they simply win or lose. I remember everyone counting out Diaz against Robbie Lawlor (back when he was a beast knocking people out) and what happened there Nick Diaz gets a highlight KO with a JAB. Goes to show that anything can happen in a fight, so enough with all the non-sense comments please.
So I replied with this....

at comparing Robbie Lawlor to Anderson Silva. Stop with your non-sense and stop throwing around generic phrases like that, you can say anything can happen all you want but you still need to have something to back up a pre-fight prediction.

So tell me, what is it about Diaz that makes you think he'd have a chance against Silva?

Is it his sloppy slow footwork? Which was so horribly displayed in the Condit fight. Condit used his footwork(running on occassion) in that fight to get away from Diaz. Going on that and the fact that he always fights very flat footed you have to think that Silva would easily get away from Diaz just how Condit was able to.

Is it his sloppy, fairly slow punches? Diaz tends to throw wild shots and he doesn't throw them fast either. So again you have to think that Silva with his excellent upper body movement and reflexes would be able to avoid Diaz's shots.

Is it his poor striking defense? Diaz has shown in the past that he is very much there too be hit. Silva who has the highest striking accuracy ever certainly wouldn't have to look for him and would be able to land at will on Diaz.

Is it the fact that he would be considerably outweighed? Silva has fought as high as LHW and by his own admission walks around at about 220-30 pounds. Nick is a welterweight who walks around at about 180 I would guess. Silva is clearly the bigger man in this one.

The one advantage Nick might have is his ground game and even there Silva is a black belt and is no slouch. Diaz isn't known for his takedowns either so how would he get Silva there?

In short Diaz is a tough fighter and is showing how tough he is by even wanting this fight but Silva is a stylistic and physical nightmare for him. Silva would simply pick Diaz apart from range countering his shots and using footwork to force Nick to chase him.
Do you agree or am I wrong in this thinking?
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