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Default Re: Difference between an infighter, swarmer, and pressure fighter?

Much has already been said but I will give my thoughts anyway.

A boxer who excels in the art of infighting/inside fighting is an infighter. Even a counter-puncher such as Toney can be classified as an infighter, as can be Jake LaMotta, despite the obvious stylistical differences between the two.

A swarmer overwhelms his opponent with sheer workrate, high activity and pressure. The swarmer sets a pace that he feels his opponent cannot keep up with and intends to win through his advantages in stamina, toughness and determination. We have seen many examples of swarmers in recent times (Williams, Margarito as mentioned previously) as physical advantages become increasingly important over technical skill.

A pressure fighter is not necessarily a swarmer. A clever pressure fighter can be aggressive without "resorting" to throwing a high volume of punches in order to tire out his opponent.

**** Tiger would've never broken any CompuBox records, but he put the pressure on his opponent constantly by pressing forward with slow steps, feinting and keeping his opponent continually aware of a potential attack coming their way. It took a mental toll along with a physical one as the opponent spent the whole fight trying to figure out Tiger's next move while he kept advancing and the opponent retreating (otherwise they were in for a beating).

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