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Default Re: Does Jon Jones have the best GnP in MMA history?

Originally Posted by Stoo View Post
Re**** got his wiki out and still cant read I see
Yeah I did check how old Shamrock was for the first Tito fight. I've seen the fight a long time ago, and I remember Ken looking like ****. So I wanted to check how old he was.

Fact-checking is good, Stoo. You can't get mad when someone checks things rather than just making **** up. Maybe scurla should check things sometimes, instead of claiming that Shogun survived 5 rounds against Jones.

Anyway, please explain to me how "Jones probably wouldn't be as effective in a heavier division that he's never fought at" is a good argument against his ground and pound being top-level.

Tito would do much worse at heavyweight than Jones would, so the argument is **** to begin with as well as being irrelevant.

Tito-Shamrock may have been a huge fight at the time, but Ken was old, faded, injured and clearly past it on a championship level. I can't realistically see anyone honestly claiming that Jones wouldn't have murdered him.

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