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Default Re: Shogun vs. Vera: Winner gets title shot?

Originally Posted by AJAX View Post
After his loss to Lawal, his stock dropped..... Not to mention draw with Jardine. He was an M1 pupil who preferred to pad a record.
Depend from the POV. Yes Lawal took him down at will, but he didn't do ****, didn't improve position, didn't go for a sub, he got to control and stalled the fight for 25 min.

Yes he lost that fight on paper and both fighter didn't looked really good but are you really telling me that Lawal deserved the W for such a BS performance ?

And the draw with Jardine is only because of BS useless rules for re****ed people offended by seeing a guy with his back on the ground giving an up kick to the head of some ****ty wrestler with one knee to the ground. You can add to the re****ed scoring criteria regarding TD leading to nothing !

So I understand your point but I just don't agree with it !
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