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Default Re: Muay Thai: Technique Talk

Originally Posted by PIRA View Post

Exactly as I was taught and what I teach. Sidekick is the worst of the basic kicks for MT and is rarely taught let alone practiced. Open for parrying and catching its major downfall is exposing the back of the leg when missed to being chopped with leg and stab kicks. As the back has none of the conditioning of the front leg and has many tendons facilitating leg power and footwork any blow has a substantial impact for the fight. As a judge I can also say that deflecting or catching the side kick and chopping scores highly - both for the skill of evasion or catching and then the timing and accuracy of landing the kick.

In my 36 years in the biz I have never seen anyone knocked out by a side kick. Seen every other kick, even a tornado kick, KO fighters. The only guys I rate with this kick are Kyokushin fighters (who don't use it much either) and some American KB fighters who have excellent hand skills to keep you distracted.
Good post Pira.

Good points especially the one about the lack of conditioning on the back of the leg. And I agree the times I've had the occasional problems with the side kick has been form old skool styled KBs.
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