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Default Re: Muay Thai: Technique Talk

Thanks for all of the responses. You all are very knowledgeable, and I've enjoyed reading your posts. I think I should have been a little more clear with my question. I am aware of the problems associated with the western boxing stance, and also the karate side stance, when facing a Thai boxer.

If you watch the video I included with my opening post, you'll see the instructor lifting his lead leg without telling what type of kick is going to come. Then he turns it into a sidekick. At least that is how I saw it. The way he lifted his foot, it looked as though he could do a push kick or a sidekick from the initial stage. I don't think his stance was optimal for Muay Thai, but it did make me wonder if a Thai boxer could throw a sidekick from a Thai stance.

I am in no way suggesting that teep should be replaced with the sidekick. I was just wondering if it could be used to good effect from a Muay Thai stance.
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