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Default Re: Does Jon Jones have the best GnP in MMA history?

Originally Posted by scurlaruntings View Post
I'm fairly certain you possess more reading comprehension that Wikiboy. Note i'm talking about GnP here. I made that VERY clear in my post.
This is a discussion primarily about JJ's apparent GnP. That much is abundantly clear from the thread title hence my response. As is usually the case in discussion they evolve as we use similes and comparisons to elaborate on our points. Hence why i mentioned JJs effectiveness up at heavy as at some stage it is mooted he will move there. If his GnP is that good then surely it should translate to heavy.
Likewise I bought up Tito to illustrate why he became infamous for his Gnp, and what effective GnP should look like. Head to head Jones doesn't measure up when compared with the best guys out there who employed GnP as a major part of their skillset.
I wouldn't expect wikiboy to understand that as he's obviously not seen the fights, likes to rankle points for the sake of a circular argument, whilst subtracting his own re****ed interpretation of what i said. I'm not expecting that of you even though you do have a habit of writing essays on semantics.
What are you still ****ing talking about Jones at heavyweight for?

You can't "mention Jones' effectiveness at heavy", because he's never fought at heavy. He's not a heavyweight, so why are you imagining what he might be like in that division? You're just talking out of your ass. You'll mock me for apparently never seeing any of Tito's fights, while simultaneously you are marking guys down based on imaginary fights in divisions they've never even competed in.

And Jones doesn't need to employ ground and pound as the major part of every fight plan. He's not a one-dimensional fighter like Tito was, he has a lot of options and his physicality works best when fighting from range. But be honest, scurla. What LHW is comfortable when Jones is on top of him throwing down elbows?

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