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Default Re: Naseem hammed should have been great

Originally Posted by Bill Butcher View Post
**** off with that bull****, he was in his best shape possible, thats not why he lost... he lost because he fell in love with his power in the years leading up to the Barrera fight & practically ignored the thing that got him were he was, his reflexes.

The only other excuse or reason Naz could have tried to make was that it was his longest inactivity between fights heading into the Barrera fight but thats reaching still... he definitely 100% trained as hard as he could, he just wasn`t good enough to beat a peak Barrera at that stage of his career (maybe not any stage, thats another debate tho.)

Ps. I dislike Barrera & I like Naz a lot... but I`ve got to call it what it is.
He was not in the best shape, even his sparring partners were beating him up. Have you seen the Little Prince Big Fight Documentary? While MAB was training his ass off, Hamed was more concerrned about the size of his hotel room, his haircut and playing golf.
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