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Default Re: Things That make a "Good Jab" + Lacking Consistancy

Shadow box more, learn to feint the jab before throwing. Mix it up so it isn't always easy to time, throw it to the abdomen, throw it to the chin, make sure he never knows where it's going to come from.

Practice throwing it from different angles too. Not just a straight up, usual-stance jab.

Practice stepping inside and throwing it, practice ducking under a jab and throwing it, practice throwing it upwards to split the guard with a sideways fist (Pacquiao uses this) practice stepping back and throwing it, versatility is key. If you always throw the same sort of jab it's easy enough to figure out. Pat away his jab with your lead hand and throw one back. Feint the jan and see how he reacts, does he lower his hands, pull straight back, cover up, get sloppy with his footwork? Study him and implement a plan based on his weakness. Do the same for yourself, I assume your lack of consistency comes from your predictability with your jabbing, try to fix that.

As for him pushing you off after he throws - learn to remember his habits, if he extends his arms to push you, wait for him to throw, either block the punches or slip them, then when he pushes his arms out, hit him with an uppercut down the middle or hook to the body.

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