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Default Re: ****the tarver express****

Originally Posted by TCliar View Post
I didnt bet on flores ****

Im not the Clown, your boy Danny Greens the Clown, i told you all about his BIG SECRET but the same Green nut huggers come on in and defended him, even to the point one of you called Danny up to speak with him about the weight ..

I explained quite well why i thought it was at catchweight and i supplied supporting evidence, i have always stood by this claim. The flop comment i made was hear-say with no supporting evidence, i made one mention of it then droped it, and i put Money on BJ BEFORE i knew it was at catchweight Brua., i was waiting to see what the weigh in was to decide if i was going to bet more money or not, and others are also doing the same and have mention this in previouse posts. Why are you trolling?

Really dont understand why you get so ****y with me, its quite simple really but i know it can be hard for you to fathom, on this occasion you and others were WRONG, just swallow your pride for a change Brua and move foward.

Last but least, i work at a Service Tech, i purchased a house 14 yrs ago and have a missus and child to raise, to think i would be on centerlink is laughable when i can earn over 55k a year doing tech work
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