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Default Re: Shogun is becoming underrated - guy is a top 10 ATG IMO

Originally Posted by Kittikasem View Post
Well, what would you rather we did, erased Shogun and Wanderlei and all the other Pride greats from MMA ATG history in case they might have been taking PEDs?
You know how many people put an asterix on Sonnen's performance in Anderson 1 because he failed a drugs test afterwards?

The PRIDE guys have the same asterix in their PRIDE fights. They looked awesome, far stronger and more explosive than they did under the watch of an athletic commission. On one hand, Wanderlei was a beast. On the other hand - of course he was. He was a top-level guy who was roided up to the eye*****.

Of course, the PRIDE guys didn't cheat. They did what their contracts allowed them to do, and fair enough. But if the likes of Overeem and Sonnen get marked down for their test results, then the PRIDE guys have to be viewed under the same lens. Can't have one group of guys free to take whatever drugs they want, a different group of guy's suppliments are strictly controlled, and then judge them both without acknowledging the different standards.

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