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Default Re: Shogun is becoming underrated - guy is a top 10 ATG IMO

Originally Posted by Kittikasem View Post
I disagree. If drugs were permitted in Pride, then taking them didn't give you a massive advantage over your opponent since your opponent could take them too. But when Sonnen strolls down to the cage with a 16.9:1 testosterone ratio he clearly has taken a massive advantage over an opponent who is clean as a whistle. That's just logic.
Fair enough to a point. Assuming that everyone was on the same levels of the same drugs. Or very similar at least.

But on the roids, you still look stronger, more explosive and more devastating than you would without the drugs. Because you are stronger, more explosive and more devastating. You can fight harder for longer. Your best performances look better than they would if you were clean. Therefore you look better than you would on natural ability alone.

I mean, Jon Jones doesn't need steroids to look (and be) devastating. Neither did Wanderlei.

But Jon Jones on steroids, with no fear of sanction from an athletic commission, looks even more devastating. And he becomes even more dangerous. So his best performances would look even more ferocious than they do already.

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