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Default Re: Brandon Vera hype

Originally Posted by Haggis McJackass View Post
A free-to-air card with four fights and a title shot on the line.

Every fight ended in a definitive stoppage.

None of them was a bad fight, and they ranged from merely a good s**** to a FOTY candidate.

A former champion with a unique style gets right back on track and earns a title shot by turning in one of the best performances of his career.

A career underachiever and huge underdog shows real heart and guts and overperforms in a back-and-forth war against a legend, who also shows heart by getting a KO win while exhausted.

And, surprise surprise, scurla has nothing positive to say about any of it. The only comment he has to make is a thread ****ting on the guy who surprised everyone by putting in a much-better-than-expected performance.

If you even possessed just a tiny smidgen of reading comprehension this pile of horse**** would be worthy of a dissertation.
But i wouldnt expect you know as you don't know who Brandon Vera was a few days ago bar your usual Sherdog Wiki trawls. You're blabbering on about the card when i'm talking about Vera's hype which has been well known since he arrived in the UFC. ****ing idiot.
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