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Default Re: Shogun is becoming underrated - guy is a top 10 ATG IMO

Originally Posted by Kittikasem View Post
I don't think you understand the point we're making.

If a roided fighter fights another roided fighter, he may be more ferocious etc but so will his opponent be, so it's cancelled out.

If a clean fighter fights another clean fighter, he doesn't have less of an advantage, it's the same playing field, since they're both the same again.

Only if a roided fighter fights a clean fighter is there a disparity.
Ah. So if you had an Olympic 100m final where everyone is roided to the eye*****, then come back next year with the same guys and this time they're all clean, there would be no difference?

One winner wouldn't look better than the other, and the roided winner's performance would look no more impressive than the clean winner's because he's on a level playing field with all the other cheats?

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