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Default Re: Shogun is becoming underrated - guy is a top 10 ATG IMO

Originally Posted by Haggis McJackass View Post
Ah. So if you had an Olympic 100m final where everyone is roided to the eye*****, then come back next year with the same guys and this time they're all clean, there would be no difference?

One winner wouldn't look better than the other, and the roided winner's performance would look no more impressive than the clean winner's because he's on a level playing field with all the other cheats?

It's not the same because the roided athlete's time would be faster.

In fighting, you don't get timed.

In fighting, the wins wouldn't necessarily be any more emphatic for the roided fighter because he'd be facing another guy who'd have better resilience, relentlessness and stamina due to the roids.

This is becoming circular.

My final word on the subject is that there is a clear, clear difference between a 16.9:1 testosterone Sonnen fighting a 1:1 opponent, and two roided fighters competing after both doing whatever drugs they want in the build-up. A clear difference. JMHO.
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