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Default Re: Brandon Vera hype

Originally Posted by scurlaruntings View Post
If you even possessed just a tiny smidgen of reading comprehension this pile of horse**** would be worthy of a dissertation.
But i wouldnt expect you know as you don't know who Brandon Vera was a few days ago bar your usual Sherdog Wiki trawls. You're blabbering on about the card when i'm talking about Vera's hype which has been well known since he arrived in the UFC. ****ing idiot.
Yes, yes, you have nothing to say beyond your usual *****ing and hating. So you'll just tell everyone how you're the expert, and insult and patronize whoever dares to challenge your biases.

Make sure that you don't accidentally say anything positive or constructive about anything in post-2005 MMA, scurla. Just zero in on someone to hate, whether it's a fighter or an organization or an internet poster, and talk **** on them like your opinion matters to anybody.

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