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Default Re: Do you think Machida could be Anderson's successor at 185?

Originally Posted by jimmie View Post
I really hope to see this happen the only question is though obviously Machida will be facing Hendo/Jones next and if he loses that fight and Silva decided to either move up/retire how much would Machida really have left ? Sure he looks good now but he is like 36 and a potential beatdown vs the Champ wont help. I would love to see it though because he is still so quick and agile for a 205er imagine him at 185. Even if is Jones that Machida faces agian I wouldnt write the guy off. Last night Machida seemed to have that aura and that look in his eyes that I hadnt seen in many years. Machida at his best both mentally and physically IMO can beat anyone.
I agree. I thought Machida looked superb last night. Confident, fast, powerful and agile. I liked that he didn't get impatient with Bader. Instead he taunted Bader, made him uncertain with some quick strikes, and waited for him to get reckless. And as soon as Bader rushed in swinging for the first time, Machida stood his ground and laid him the **** out with a beautiful power punch that Bader never saw coming and ran right into.

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