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Default Re: too much running vs too much weights...whats worse???

Originally Posted by Jdsm View Post
I know you don't get to be Mr Olympia just by the drugs, I've never eluded to that at all, it could be argued that drug users have it harder that naturals.

It's not a presumption that he displays a lack of knowledge, I have read some of his comments through his twitter on nutrition, or else I wouldn't of specifically named him.

Surely you can't disagree with the initial statement that some bodybuilders have horrendous knowledge of nutritional sciences, despite being huge?

What videos of Phil Heath can I watch him 'go over his diet' and discuss nutrition? I'm just going by the statements that I've saw from him.
Thats too broad a statement to make. You can't casually dismiss their knowledge especially a guy like Heath who has reached the pinnacle of the sport in record time. You don't get to do that by being stupid.
That said when i saw Ricky Hatton with Kerry Kayes i did wonder if Ricky had missed a trick. As Kayes is the kind of guy that only knows about bodybuilding and offered Ricky little advice that was sound in respect of boxing. It stands to reason though Kayes knowledge is somewhat myopic. But it can't be glibly dismissed.
Heath has loads of videos. Some are quite long though. Becoming Number 13. The Gift Unwrapped. Journey to the Olympia or The Gift. These are just a few i have in my collection.
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