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Default Re: too much running vs too much weights...whats worse???

Originally Posted by highguard View Post
actually i am gonna ask a few of them where they got this info
but it is seems to be wide spread
Many things are wide spread, doesn't make them correct.

"well this guy told me"

i dont think thats the answer, all these guys do and research and talk about is
lifting weights,food and getting stronger lol

so they can give a lecture on any of those topics
I can get any guy in the gym to talk bull**** about lifting weights, nutrition and getting stronger. I'm talking about actual proven science.

This is all you need to know -

It's not about your heart rate, it's about the resources your body has available. Food in the stomach, glycogen stores, fat, muscle it can all be used to fuel your body. As I stated above; muscle is a last resort. If you want proof it has nothing to do with heart rate, go look at somebody suffering from anorexia.
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