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Default Re: WTF Dana with the PPVs

Originally Posted by brixtonbeat View Post
I have no problem at all with regularly televised free fights. But the amount of ppvs the UFC holds is obscene imo.

How anyone can purchase events with any degree of frequency is beyond me.

Great cards every couple months is fine. Sadly, it seems as those these are few and far between. Four or five years ago, I would consider myself a hardcore fan. These days, I'm casual at best.
Yeah, I bought JDS-Mir, Silva-Sonnen 2 and Jones-Rashad recently. It's easier for me though because it's only about $US15 for a PPV here and I've gotten a couple of mates into it, so we split the cost. Works out really well actually, they cost almost nothing between three or four people and the main event starts at about 4pm on Sunday afternoon.

There's no need for anyone to buy EVERY PPV, and IMO they should reserve them for title fights. It's worth remembering that a couple of recent PPVs have been absolutely decimated by injuries though, and that's nobody's fault.

But what they are doing with the last Fox card is just right. Free cards featuring relevant guys who can hook people in for title shots on PPV. Looking forward to Struve vs Miocic too, that looks like another good-quality free card.

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