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Default Re: Muay Thai: Technique Talk

I hope everything went well for you and your family, boranbkk. I eagerly await your responses when you return.

My next question concerns what if often referred to as the Mike Tyson Combination:

This combination works so well because of the opening that is created by defending/reacting to the right hook that is attacking the body. The shift to the left can make a perfect opening for the right uppercut.

I know that body punching can be dangerous in Muay Thai, so I'll leave it to others to say if/when it is an ok time to punch the body. I just want to know if a variation of this combo could work in Muay Thai, but I want to change it a little. How effective would a right hook to the body followed by an upward slashing elbow to the head, instead of the uppercut, work in a Thai fight?
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