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Default Re: too much running vs too much weights...whats worse???

Originally Posted by Jdsm View Post
So ignorant/stupid it is unreal. Go and read up on some of the utter garbage that some pro bodybuilders spew, it's laughable.

Most bodybuilders need to know nothing more than "Eating this works for me", "Doing this works for me". They don't need to know any of the science behind it, yet spout off as if they're are a genius.

you do realise that diet is atleast as important to bodybuilding as weights are right???

that is why you see so many guys in gyms
who are on juice, are big, and have fat on them
lots of mass, both muscle and fat....

why not ripped??? they lift a lot and they take roids....but not ripped
because to to ripped you need to know a lot about food etc

and ignorant and stupid???
that would be YOU, and those old coaches???

ps i have noticed you talk **** about weightlifting in every thread'

are you some 113 pound beanpole with ***** tits
who took was not allowed in the gym in high school?
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