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Default Re: too much running vs too much weights...whats worse???

Originally Posted by scurlaruntings View Post
You need to learn some respect homeslice. There's a few gym vets on this site. Puma is one of them. Don't come in here talking smack and not expect to get shown up by guys like Virus and co. I'm sure he does it for a living. Guys like me and Puma do it as our hobbys. Pretty certain like me they've been in the game well over a decade. If you know the drill you wouldn't have to ask stupid questions. So chill and be easy padner.

respect for what, the guy was a ****ing asshole to me

if you think i should take that from him or you,
then **** you too

i have boxed for over 10 years
and have also done other combat sports too

so i would be up to spar any of you internet form clowns any day

and stupid questions???
the only stupid thing is your wanta be street talk
and your stupid Malcolm x picture
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