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Default Flat footed stance

When people say flat footed it seems to have two different meanings, on one hand its a negative attribute: lack of mobility and footwork, slow plodding, no spring in their step, lazy etc but than other times people say he's coming out flat footed! which means he intends to slug/fight rather than dance/move. In my experience both are true to an extent. It's just strange how the same thing can be praised or frowned upon depending on who your talking to. Do flat footed fighters make the pivots with their front foot for their left hook or their back foot for their straight right? Rocky Marciano one of the biggest punchers of all time didnt seem to 'squish the bug' or 'put out the cigarette' (making the necessary pivots to get proper torque on your punches) He seemed to plant his feet and than wirl his upper body to create power. When I fight i've tried both, pivoting and planting my feet are their any advantages to one or the other? Also I see some people hop into the left hook (i.e. floyd patterson) in my experience you have more of a stable base when you plant your feet but when you pivot it adds an extra little SNAP to the punch...thoughts?
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