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Default Re: Body sparring.

I'm glad I am not the only one who philosophically disagrees with the idea of body sparring, much less the actual practice of it.

Positives: - Learning what it feels like to be hit in the body; in different area's of the body.

- Practicing the angle in which you must use to make a certain body punch land flush. On someone standing not squared up.. this can be a little for new people

Negatives - Crafting muscle memory to keep your hands lower.. already an issue with most new comers.

- No use of setting up shots to the body, but jabbing or feinting to the head.

- Fighters neglect all slipping and waist/upper-body movement because they know they won't get hit in the head. Thus building poor muscle memory

the negative list can really go on for a while.. but I think I made my point
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