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Default Re: Sparring games/ scripts???

not many of the clubs i have trined at do this but i love to do these as much as possiblwe.

one jabs and one counters. cornelius carr used to get us to do his loads.

boxer a throws 1-2, boxer b counters

boxer a throws 1-2-3, boxer b counters

boxer a throws bodyshots, boxer b counters

both jab only, both left hand only, both left hook only, both right hand only

one boxes like muhammed ali, one tyson

one works on defense in the pocket one attacks. sometimes l;eft hand only, right only , both hands etc

a throws any 2 punches and trys to move out of range, b has to throw 3 in response

a throws any 1 punch, b has to throw any 2 to counter.

should be a few ideas there BB
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