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Default Re: How would JDS beating Overeem and Cormier compare to Fedor beating Nog and CC?

Originally Posted by rekcutnevets View Post

The 3 wins over Barnett go a long way for me; then you have Herring, Vovchanchyn, Randleman, Coleman, and Aleks Emelianenko.

For years I've had my top 5 being Fedor, Nog, Cro Cop, Barnett, and Couture. I haven't looked over my top 5 for a while, so I'm sure JDS is now in at 5. I can see JDS passing Barnett with another fight, but do you think one more win gets him above Cro Cop? I'm not saying you can't justify it, or that it is crazy; I'm just interested in reading your reason(s).
Yeah I do, and it's about styles as well as quality. He beats either of those 3 then he's either beaten the best strike in the division since Mirko (I know Reems MMA record is supplemented by his success in K1 thus far, but it will be a notch in JDS' cap if he beats him, and even bigger one if he does it standing, ala Mirko v Fedor) or one of the two best wrestler in the division, as well as knocking out the two best Jits guys already.

Alot of people are looking back before they were watching MMA on this board and not putting those wins by Fedor and co into proper context (look at davidwatts Mirko thread or Pops' Shogun one an example) And the most people on the board are using wiki as a tool to evaluate...well I wont go there today

But in this context those would be HUGE, the best strike of his generation, the best wrestler and the best jits guy, potentially all three.
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