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Default Re: was cro cop 'past it' before going to the ufc?

Originally Posted by Koa View Post
Yep, Crocop was never close to the same again after Gonzaga. His first fight against that poor dude Eddie Sanchez. Come to think of it the guy was as much a tune up as anything I've ever seen in MMA, but he looked sharp and still had that dangerous level of aggression.

He carried that left leg around with authority. I remember watching him hit people in the liver and you would just see them wilt. He'd follow up with surprising power in his hands, the LHK would come out of nowhere.. Just such a punishing and destructive combination of skills. In his prime he could do more damage with his weapons than anyone I can think of, even now.

After Gonzaga its like he packed his left leg away, always had a tentative look in his eyes where before you just saw alpha killer. Don't care what anybody says, the man changed.
I agree with this, he took a bad beating on the ground from Gonzaga and was still dazzed when he took one of the biggest head kicks in history. It's hard to recover mentally and physically from something like that.

I remember the Sanchez fight and Sanchez was actually running away from him and almost collapsed out of fear.
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