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Default Re: too much running vs too much weights...whats worse???

Originally Posted by highguard View Post
i am actually not clueless on the subject and probably know more about it then you,

that being said i think i should used the word defined instead of ripped,
and different types of roids considered almost everyone i have ever met
in the gym wants to look defined,

like a strongman friend of mine says
abs are made in the kitchen not in the gym....(ps he is not defined and admits that even with the roids, his not so great diet to blame)

and as far as bodybuilders go i dont know so many people have the desire
to make them look bad-stupid it jealousy?

but lifting weights and nutrition is what their lives are centered on
so most that i have met
can give you lectures on both.........

again my statement earlier stands

everyone on here is very ready to
attack negative aspect of weightlifting and weight training in general

but the same people always pretend to ignore the negative aspect of runners and running
Bravo. This can only have been achieved through lifetime of hard work in the fields of stupidity, ignorance, and short sightedness.

The fact that you would suggest claiming you know more than virus on nutritional intake and physical training based on "Because my roided out bodybuilding friends said so" puts you in very special company indeed.

Take a bow and thank you for inspiring the following pic. You sir, are a legend.

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