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Originally Posted by DanishFightfan View Post
So... We actually have a sticky thread to discredit a fighter..

Classy forum this is

What the hell are you talking about?

TKO6 happened. It isn't a subjective matter.

Look, I'm a huge Joe Louis fan...but Schmeling KO12 is a fact. Saying Schmeling KO12 isn't disparaging or discrediting Joe. Saying McCall TKO2 Lewis isn't "discrediting" Lennox. They're facts. Any associative discredit to either of them is their own fault for getting knocked out. If TKO6 is a discredit to Vitali, then he discredited himself by not defending himself better in his eagerness to press his offense on Lewis thus avoiding all that facial damage.

It's absurd to say that the mere mention of a loss on a fighter's record that is part of reality, is automatically an attempt to discredit them.

Fact is, TKO6. Fact is, a lot of people oddly enough seem to find fault in the seamless logic that is TKO6 and have been arguing about it on ESB for years.

Let there be no doubt - TKO6.

No, there wasn't a rematch. But guess what? Even if there had been a rematch and fat shot old Lewis had lost, it wouldn't be all that creditable, they'd still be deadlocked at 1-1 and Klitschko wouldn't be able to call himself "the better man" (unless there was a rubbermatch). TKO6 would still be fact and can never be erased.
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