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Default Re: Lacking Imagination on my Offence

Originally Posted by r1p00pk View Post
advice please, my coach has been trying to get me to work my offence and fighting forward and it's really odd to me. I always seem fine with fighting off my back foot countering of my oponents mistakes. Now that's what i do all the time, i lack a good offence to be the who presses the action.

its more like all i do is, jab, jab, jab, throw a combo but all i'm getting is air because my sparring partners always take steps back, circles well and counter back with a combo while the drill is not to counter but for me to keep going forward with punches to increase my volume of punches.
advice. ur coach prob wants you to take more control of the fight, thats why i think he wants you to press the action a bit more rather than getting bullied around the ring.

watch aggressive fighters, look at the combos they throw. they normally come of the jab.
also to fight going forward takes skill, improve your defense. anticipate how, lets use tyson as an example- counters the jab, the right hand etc.

alot of guys who like to stalk their opponent are aggressive counter punchers who attack of their opponents punches.
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