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Default Re: Lacking Imagination on my Offence

It is really just a matter of controlling distance. Sam Langford, I believe, said something to the effect that he came close, feinted, to make the other guy lead, then countered. If he wouldn't lead, he'd run him out of the ring. What ever you do, it would be unwise to ignore or neglect the ability or the frame of mind that makes you able to be successful counterpunching. Because that is the basis of the whole sport; every good fighter is a good counter-puncher.
But that doesn't mean that you need to throw punches, just to be throwing, just to be "in control." That gives the opponent chances to counter you. You can press the fight with your feet, by pressing, or changing angles, to draw punches, or by feinting. And you can feint with your feet, knees, head, shoulders, hands, etc...
Buddy McGirt, before his shoulder imploded, could be very effective at pushing a fight while not risking much. Olivares, despite his rep as an awesome puncher was very clever in the ring. Alberto Davila was good at being cautious while pushing forward.
Just for the sake of information, and (probably) my poor memory, how tall are you, and are you a southpaw?
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