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Default Re: How would JDS beating Overeem and Cormier compare to Fedor beating Nog and CC?

Originally Posted by Kittikasem View Post
Couture at HW?

Wins - Sylvia, Gonzaga, Rizzo (twice), Randleman, Belfort, Smith

Losses - Barnett, Rodriguez, Lesnar, Nogueira


I'm not so sure that he is a lock for 5th spot as you do. That record (IMO) doesn't put him so far clear of the competition. Right now, Cigano's record is much better than that, for starters.

Consider someone like Werdum...

Wins - Fedor, Overeem, Aleks Emelianenko, Bigfoot, Gonzaga (twice), Nelson

Losses - Nogueira, Kharitonov, Arlovski, JDS, Overeem

IMO, Werdum has not only beaten slightly better fighters overall, but he has more wins in that division, and doesn't lose anything to Couture in terms of his losses as both Werdum and Couture only ever lost to other top fighters.
I have Cigano 4th.

I've dropped Couture to 6th, but I'll give Werdum's resume a glance. In regards to heavyweight rankings, the footing gets weaker with each place after my first 2. For Randy I still hold the Rizzo wins in high regard, and also his defeat of Maurice Smith. The Smith victory doesn't look like much on paper, but it was big when it happened. Remember, Coleman couldn't do it. There was also Randleman, and the domination of Sylvia and Gonzaga.
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