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Default Re: Steve Kim insults Darren Barker on twitter

Originally Posted by WarpedDesign View Post
Yeah, the beating kept him out of the ring for a long time. Hospitalisation job, the lot. I think he was out for around a year. The guys who did it went to prison.
No they didn't of the 10 -12 guys who attacked him only 3 of them got charged 2 of them were given curfews for only 3 months.
The 3rd guy was also given a 3 month curfew and also a 12 month community order due to previous convictions.
Absolutely pathetic that people are able to get away with beating a guy unconscious pretty much trouble free.
Oh and they had to pay Barker 500 quid in compensation despite the fact that the attack was so severe he required over 1000 in dental work.
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