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Default Re: Lacking Imagination on my Offence

Try to apply intelligent pressure.

Come forward and busy your opponent with your jab, a rage-finder is ok but make sure you don't get countered over it, feint with it, feint a few different punches to get him on the backfoot

Keep his mind occupied, if he is constantly thinking about your jab he may not be fully concentrating on his footwork

make him think he has openings to throw with you coming forward, and when he tries, punish him. LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of head movement is ESSENTIAL when coming foward.

There are 3 places your head can be while jabbing while coming forward

Left - Centre - Right

You then have low left, high left etc

Slip left and throw your jab, slip to the centre and throw it, slip right but DON'T throw it, and so on and so forth, never leave your head in the same place when coming in and throwing (or coming in at all, but it's rarely advisable to come in without jabbing or feinting, it's a good way to get hit)

This should keep you from being hit and help you dictate what is happening, you can still counter-punch him coming forward, pressure him into throwing first, then counter

When you work him into a corner you can flurry if you choose but this isn't always necessary, you can pick your shots if you prefer and feel that gives you more control, just be sure to capitalise on this moments
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