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Default Re: Flat footed stance

I'm sorry I waffled on a bit on my own tandem.

Yes you can get the same power. There are a few schools of thought on the subject, some people (pro's even) do not pivot their lead foot while hooking.

Your power comes from the ground, if both your feet are connected to the ground and you rotate your body into the punch, then you will have more power than if you simply **** weight from one foot to another while pivoting (which is the mistake a lot of people make)

Some people feel they get more out of pivoting

Some people don't

I would always advise a pivot, but make sure you pivot into the ground, not away from it, this way you are punching with power from both legs, not just one

Try it out yourself on the pads to get a feel for what works best for you, it's an individual thing, just be aware of the pro's and cons of both

I wouldn't advise trying it out on the heabybag, as this often overcompensates for lack of balance when throwing power shots
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