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Default Re: Who do you rank higher at heavyweight: Werdum or Couture?

Originally Posted by Stoo View Post
Chill out now Rek! Pops did ask about hth and I did type a vague sentence or two about that anyway...

I dont know tbh I keep changing my mind everytime I think about it. Id have to go with Randy, x 2 Champion and all, but I do think Werdum has comparable wins, maybe even better. And Werdum was in a MUCH tougher division in PRIDE than when Randy won both his titles...**** I'll stick with Randy though
Sorry if I come on too strong, but curiosity gets the better of me.

I'm actually glad he started this debate with me yesterday. I haven't even given a thought to Werdum in an all time sense. It's just been a while since I thought about it. You and I had a brief discussion about Cro Cop and Cigano recently, which did lead to me updating my top 6 all time rankings. I guess I need to look at my top 10 again.
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