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Default Re: Knee hurting after running.

Originally Posted by det View Post
tbh it hurst pretty much all the time. I play football twice a week, which probably doesn't help. Do you reckon it's worth going to a doctor? Its frustrating as its stopping me from exercising at the intensity that i'd like to!!
Did you bang it or twist it anywhere? Did it start hurting spontaneously during running or did it build gradually? How long has it been hurting for and has it got better at all, and if so at what rate?

It may even come down to too much physical activity throughout the day. Although a good athletes body can typically take quite the beating.
Although sometimes this stuff can happen regardless of who you are, and your body can give you a much better idea of what it needs than I can.

I mean if you think it's serious check with a doctor. If you don't think it's necessary then rest for a few days. If you think you can keep running without seriously or permanently injuring yourself then do that.

Just make sure you sleep enough, eat enough, and stay just as strong, if not stronger mentally as you are physically.
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