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Default Boxing "loose"

I'm trying to become more loose in the ring. It's shows up from time to time while sparring, and more so in matches. I know relaxing and controlling anxiety is a part, but that's not the question here.

To become more loose- or less stiff- what do you recommend? Do you think flexibility is the key? I'll be honest, I do little mobility drills and my warm up are more like skipping instead of stretching. I know I will never look like Sweet Pea, but the way some guys move- especially with their waist, hips etc is smooth and effortless. Like water as they say.

Or is it more of a style thing? Hard to box real loose if you are upright with your hands glued to your head. Is it technique? Having balance and posture properly in sync.

I know the loosest I feel is usually when I stand more slanted and have my lead arm lowered to shoulder level.

Any advice? Coach didn't really answer my question directly. He said " more sparring" which is the standard response the novices get...

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