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Default One legged drill? Or just rubbish...

The 'coach' asks you and a partner, to both stand on one leg, one guy has to bunny hop on his one leg to jab you, and you have to hop on one leg while trying to slip the jab. They make you switch roles half way through the round.

What has this to do with Boxing? And more importantly is this a pointless waste of time? cause I see no point in it techniquewise, unless you are trying to fight like a Jacky Chan movie.

Please give me your feedback, cause I went to a gym for casual training and they told me to do that. And yes, it is a boxing gym. There's a bunch of runts there acting hard.

Is this drill a joke or do they seriously expect people to go into the ring, and evade for three minutes on one leg? I've never seen a fighter slip/weave on one leg. What the hell ?
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