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Default Re: Who is Vladimir Virchis? A piece of info...

Originally Posted by one man gang
Teras Bidenko had him in his pocket for a long time untill he landed taht powerfullpunch. That's a credit for Virchis but don't forget he was close to get defeated widly on points.
I am not a huge Peterfan but he has fought better competition imo than Virchis who can do nice at Europeanlevel but lacks technique and speed at worldclass level. I think he would have problems against a lot of european guys. I even think he would lose against the dino's who are left from the eighties and nineties. McCall and Holyfield for example are better even at this stage of their careers.
I can see Virchis struggle against bclass Europeans as Harrison, Williams, Skelton. Anyone with a trustworthy chin and speed can give him trouble.
To tell you the truth,onemangang,I am unable to make head or tail of your post!
European level? What did you mean by saying that Virchis "can do nice at european level"?
The best heavies on the damned planet stem from europe.Thats why I dont really get it why you dont use American level as a derogatory term instead.
I totally disagree with you on your statement that McCall(who looked horrible against Gomez) or Hollyfield(are you kidding? that old geezer is barely able to beat a no-hoper like Savarese) are better than Virchis.
The huge Ukranian would beat both Americans IMO.
You can see Virchis struggle against -as you put it-b class european based fighters like Williams,Harrison,or Skeleton.
Who knows? You may be right in saying this.I for my part can also see Sam Peter struggle against a lot of "b" fighters.
"Anyone with a trustworthy chin and speed can give him trouble" I quite agree with you,but why the hell do you think that your abovementioned heavies like Willaims,Skeleton,or Harrison possess those qualities.
Peter has fought better competition than Virchis.I very much doubt this,but I wouldnt argue the toss about it.
Peter had two very lame fights against that fat dwarf Toney who barely managed to win a split decision against journeyman Batchelder in his last outing to a ring.Dimitrenko stopped that mediocre American journeyman in his last outing to a ring.
Very limited Croation Jovo Pudar went the full route with that overhyped American based African.Do you really think that Virchis would have gone the full route with that light punching Croation heavy?
A lot of Americans are quite sold on Sam because they havent seen fighters like Dimitrenko,Bidenko,Virchis,Povetkin,Valuev,and so on.
If Sam Peter were based here in europe people wouldnt even bother to talk about him.He would be a second Attila Levin,or Richel Hersisia.
Sam Peter is totally overrated,and will be exposed by old but still capable Oleg Maskaev.
The African is tailor made for Virchis.Would be a dream match for the huge Ukranian.I dont think that Sam would be able to go the full distance with Virchis.Styles make fights.
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