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Default Re: 1st Time Sparring vs. 1st Time Competing

I was really nervous before sparring because I had been working for a few months learning to box and didn't want to get in there and find out that I sucked after all that work. And I had been itching to spar all that time just to get it out of the way.

First fight I was literally pacing around behind the spectators while I was waiting for the other fight to end. A guy walked up to me and was like "Son you gotta calm down and save it for in there!" I had been drinking yerba mate and listening to RATM right up until I put the gear on and I was bouncing off the walls. Just wanted to get in there and get to work, was concerned about putting on a good show and not looking bad, etc. Other guy looked too muscular, figured he'd get tired...then the guy who was gonna work my corner told me the dude was "strong as ****" had a good gas tank on him, so one minute before the fight I had to rethink my strategy =D

But yeah I was nervous before both. More intense nervousness before the fight, but the months leading up to sparring were probably worse because I was questioning myself and didn't have any way to get answers.
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