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Default Re: Nate Diaz vs. Winner of Bendo/Edgar

Originally Posted by KERRIGAN View Post
This really was a superb ****ysis of what would almost surely be the case for either Bendo or Frankie against Nate Diaz.

The only place where I would quibble with you, is that you don't appear to have acknowledged just how much trouble Nate Diaz's boxing will give Bendo.
Cheers man

You would be quibbling with me for the wrong reasons there though, as I made clear in my previous post to the one you quoted. I think Diaz would comfortably outbox and hurt Ben on the feet:

Originally Posted by Kittikasem View Post
Nate Diaz vs Frankie Edgar

Diaz TKO's Frankie, 100%. This fight would surprise people by being a surprisingly convincing win for Diaz. Frankie's boxing is good, but in Diaz he'd be meeting an equally good combo-puncher but with superior power and a superior chin. Diaz is aggressive enough on the ground and good enough in the scramble that it doesn't matter if Edgar gets the odd takedown, Diaz will either force him to defend subs or just get straight back to his feet. And when Diaz lands the decisive punch that has Frankie tottering around the cage, he will not gas like Maynard, Diaz will finish.

Nate Diaz vs Ben Henderson

This would be a closer fight for sure. Although I disagree with those saying that it'd play out the exact same as Diaz vs Rory MacDonald - it wouldn't. Rory is significantly bigger, heavier and longer than Bendo, Bendo will not find it anywhere near as easy to throw and control Nate as Rory did. Also, I think Bendo is more confident in his standup than Rory is, so this fight would (for the first couple of rounds) be a more standup-based fight. The thing is, I see Nate gradually hurting Ben and asserting his superiority in the fight by round 3, and it'll be at that point when Bendo starts going for takedowns and trying to wrestle his way to a win. This will make the last two rounds closer, but I'd still back Nate to either edge a narrow points decision or get a late TKO or sub. The way Nate dominated the **** out of Jim Miller suggests to me he is a stronger, meaner dude just now than anyone else at 155, and I think he'll outfight Henderson over the course.

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