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Default Re: How Would Marvin Hagler Do @ Light Heavyweight?

Originally Posted by JohnThomas1
This was the one. I might be wrong, but i always thought of Saad as a superb puncher, borne out by his very very high ranking in the Ring's Top 100 Punchers. He was near always ranked in the top 3 punchers at 175 with Spinks and EMM. If Saad is a mere arm puncher i'd hate to see a serious one. While not possessing many 1 punch ko's, Saad was still a very very big puncher.
Oh, don't get me wrong, JT, Saad was an awesome puncher, but if he was a master of leverage, he would have been filling cemeteries (like Foreman would have, if he'd been a leverage puncher).

Hagler was also really more of a lethal arm puncher as well, but what made his attack so devastating is that one of his power punches was his right jab. (Stylewise, Marv was the closest thing I've seen to a southpaw Liston.)

Duran, Cuevas, SRL, Mike Spinks, and Eddie Mustafa Muhammad are who I generally consider to be some of the classic leverage punchers from that era.

As deady as Mike Spinks and Eddie Mustafa Muhammad could be when they loaded up, their arm muscles were not extraordinarily developed. Saad could have been a competitive bodybuilder with the physique he had, and part of the reason his arms were so muscular was because that's were much of the incredible power of his punches was generated from (rather than his core).
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