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Default Chris Eubank Sr: Overtraining doesn't exist!?

"There's no such thing as overtraining - it's a state of mind. It doesn't exist. If you got a job as a dustbin man and had to pick up heavy dustbins all day long, the first day would probably be very difficult, possibly almost impossible for some to complete. So what do you do, take three days off and possibly lose your job?

"No, you'd take your sore, beaten self to work the next day. You'd mope around and be fatigued, much less energetic than the previous day, but you'd make yourself get through it. Then you'd get home, soak in the bath, take aspirin, and so forth. The next day would be even worse.

"But eventually you'd be running down the street throwing dustbins around and joking with your co-workers. How did this happen? You forced your body to adapt to the job at hand! If you can't strenuously and aerobically exercise for 20 hours a week, you're not overtrained, you're undertrained! Could a random person off the street come to the gym with you and do your exact workout? Probably not, because they're undertrained."
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