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Default Re: I'm really, really glad that Frankie Edgar lost...

Originally Posted by Matty lll View Post
Maybe but he's showed he's pretty vulnerable to leg kicks, just think what Aldo would do to him. Once you take away Edgar's movement you take away a huge part of his style. Plus Edgar wouldn't have the same speed advantage that he has at lightweight.

You can make all kinds of excuse for the Mark Hominick fight so I'll not bother with that but I doubt that Frankie Edgar would try and grapple with Aldo the same way Florian did. It'd be a striking match and Aldo is the better striker by far.

I could be completely wrong but I just hope this fight gets made
I think this is a valid point

Speed - Edgar has a legit speed advantage over everybody @155 , something he will not have @145 , and definitely something he will not have over Aldo

Strategy - To beat Aldo , Edgar will have to be a bulldozer style wrestler , not a wrestler looking to take advantage of a mistake by his opponent and time a TD , because Aldo doesnt make many mistakes , and by the end of the 1st round the fight could be over , just like the Faber fight , the leg kicks he took had him in survival for the remaining 4 rounds

Early in his career , Edgar was a walk forward double leg fighter , with reasonable head movement and reasonable hands , he has to revert to that to beat Aldo IMHO , he will not be able to dance around Aldo , and pick his TD attempts , he simply will not , Aldo will punish his legs , Frankie will have to fight a different fight to be effective against Aldo

Something tells me he's too far evolved to go back to basics
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