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Default Re: Pro coaches that don't pad there own fighters

Originally Posted by BoxinScienceUSA View Post
i use mitts for
1. skill introduction
2. accuracy
3. timing
4. reactive drills
4. adding progressive variables one element at a time in a controlled environment

it can be a useful tool for fine tuning a skill on it's way into sparring. lots of coaches and boxers use mitts for an ego stroke because it looks fancy, but if what's done on mitts is not been seen in sparring then its a waste. there's a progression. if i don't see a skill at one level then chances are i'm not going to see it at the next challenge up a level.
shadow box > bag > drill > mitts > situation/condition spar > open/full spar > outside spar (with another gym) > competition > tournament (obviously this is an amateur scenario. even though your question was for pros you probably see my point since pros still learn new stuff too)

there's a lot of steps between mitts and true high level competition.

many pro camps have a guy who is only doing mitts (some guys make a whole profession just holding mitts, get their foot in the door as a coach and gain behind the scenes experience).

and a good head coach is someone who knows how to delegate well, not someone who has to do it all himself.
Originally Posted by brown bomber View Post
I use the pads to coach obviously but there are times when I need more then a 2d view of a boxer. Especially as I coach mainly novices.

You can still coach someone on a bag, and you can still coach someone shadow boxing. I think your confusing going on the pads with one to one input and that can occur when your doing most things if your coach is attentive enough.

Any moron can hold a set of pads- its what your being told while there being held that's important. But the instructions you give on the pads can be given in other scenarios.

I have two lads who train with each other every session. They've NEVER hit the pads . They just hit each other... I did it as an experiment. And they are mus**** for novices and can spar with anyone.
Good input
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