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Default Re: Who rates higher for you at heavy? Jeffries or Wlad Klitschko?

Originally Posted by Boxed Ears View Post
There's only one Lennox but there's what four or five Jameses? And six or seven Mikes? But only one Ingemar? Who's pulling these strings, man? The man! That's who!
Yeah! The legions of Ingemars and Lennoxes we meet by the thousands on every corner are left to rot in the lines, ultimately being forced to become porn dubbers, gideons and black country singers.

Originally Posted by LittleRed View Post
I rate fighters strictly on facial hair so neither ranks very high in my opinion.
You're deliberately sidelining Jeffries chest hair! He's a mandatory contender! You have an agenda!

Originally Posted by LittleRed View Post
And BE that's just crazy talk. Absolutely crazy! There is no war in Ba Sing Sei! We have and always will be at war with Eastasia!
War is Peace! James is good! Hair chest is bad!
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