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Default Re: Amos Johnson 'How I Beat Cassius Clay'

Tuesday Night - June 21, 1966

The Stadium - Liverpool, United Kingdom

Attendance; 20,000

'Atom Amos' Johnson (United States)
Record......22-3-2 (11 KO's)
Rating......#7 WBA / #5 Ring Magazine
Age..........27 1/2
Height.......6' 3"
Weight......200 lbs.

Brian 'Blackpool Rock' London (United Kingdom)
Record......34-13-0 (26 KO's)
Rating.......#14 WBA / #13 Ring Magazine
Height.......6' 0"
Weight......199 lbs.

'Atom Amos' Johnson was Disqualified by 'British Referee' Ike Powell mid-way through the 7th Round
for 'head-butting' Britain Heavyweight Brian London.

In a very rough fight, where both fighters bent the 'boxing rules', with head-butting, low-blows,
hitting after the bell, and inside rough-housing, the Referee Ike Powell called a halt to the bout,
after warning the American heavyweight several times earlier.

Many of The Liverpool Stadium fans boo'ed the Referee's decision, as both fighters were guilty
of fouling.

'Atom Amos' Johnson was getting the better of the two combatants, by showing flashes of
good boxing, after withstanding a good charge by the 'Blackpool Rock' in the middle rounds.

The American, the #7 ranked Heavyweight was ahead in the bout, and appeared to be on his
way to a Decision win.

$700 (10%) of the American's $7000 fight purse will be withheld by the British Boxing Board.

'Atom Amos' Johnson; 'The Referee allowed London to get dirty, and I had no choice but to do
the same to him. He never warned him about fouling, yet I was warned several times for
retaliating. Every one could see I was on my way to a Decision win, and the only way he
could win was by Disqualification.'

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