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Default Re: Bob Pastor eliminated Lem Franklin from contention for a crack at Louis

Originally Posted by McGrain View Post
Plenty. Lots.

You are sure Conn ranks above Burley though?
Good question MC...First of all I thought Burley came from Bessemer Pa.?
That is where he was born ?
On a P4p basis Burley ranks with anyone not named Harry Greb...But the Billy Conn at his middleweight peak who incidentally never fought one amateur bout, beat such top fighters as Teddy Yarosz, Young Corbett2,
Solly Krieger, Fred Apostoli, Babe Risko, Vince Dundee, Oscar Rankin etc,all
of these guys Conn beat when he was 18-20 years old...Billy had a "brave"
manager johnny Ray who was once a stablemate of Harry Greb, and literally threw young Billy to the wolves to sink or swim...And Billy Conn swam...
Then as a LH Conn beat Gus Dorazio, Gus Lesnevich, Melio Bettina the
tough awkward southpaw who I once saw fight jimmy Bivins to a draw...,
Conn then beat a tough young left-hooker Lee Savold and then kod the
terrific boxer Bob Pastor,and the Finn Gunnar Barlund a tough HW.
Then on June 18, 1941 Billy Conn almost beat the immortal Joe Louis
weighing but 169 pounds for that bout...This Billy Conn I rank with Gene Tunney and Ezzard Charles as the best LHs ever...
So I rank Conn over Burley cause Billy was BORN in Pittsburgh...
P.S. My dad saw Charley Burley ko a guy in NY in 1942...Burley was so good that he was never invited back to New York...My dad was very impressed...Cheers...
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